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We train our staff up to the highest standards and certification of this training is provided to meet the standards of the care certificate.

All our staff have a online and in class room induction programme that covers: MAYBO (personal safety and de-escaltion), Basic Life Support (BLS), Manual Handling, Health and Safety including Fire Training, Equality and Diversity and Privacy and Dignity, Infection Control and Prevention, Handling Information and Confidentialilty, Communication, Risk Assessment and Lessoin Learned, Person Centered Care and Personal Development. We also train our agency staff in the basics of the Mental Health Act, including Section 17 and Mental Capacity Act including Dols.

Our staff also have a basic overview of Schizophrenia, Dementia, Bi Polar Disorders and Personality Disorders.

This way our staff have a good overview of the needs of various patients groups and how they can support them in their every day activities of daily living.

All our staff have a full interview, DBS and 2 x references